Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Who Should I Blame for the Astronomical Gasoline Prices?

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Anonymous said...

With economies of giants like China and India continuing to sizzle, many analysts see prices only rising. They might go below the $70 a barrel in summer, but they will rise again in winter, when heating fuel demand kicks in. Another reason for the recent record rise is the falure of the industrialized countries to invest in refineries that can process heavy crude.

Anonymous said...

And also lack of investment in alternative fuels. There is a cost effective way to make crude oil out of pig manure, but it's lobbied against heavily by the oil companies because it's a threat to their business. Politics will always kill innovation and progress.
By the way, the only way you'll pay $15 to fill up your tank is if you drive a motorcycle.

Benjamin M. said...

I feel that it is the fault of the Bush Administration because none of this happened until the war started. We even have troops protecting the oil refineries because they too are terrorist’s targets. Speculation of the fact that we went to war due to the Bush family owning refineries over there still surfaces every now and then. If there's ever a reason for someone to capitalize off of something in a lucrative way they will and that's what the oil companies are doing. This is ridiculous and I don't think we should tolerate or grin and bear it. There have been carburetors invented that can give a vehicle 50 miles to the gallon but you know where it is? On a shelf collecting dust or destroyed because that alone would hurt the end dollar of the oil companies. It's just like anything else, if it's going to keep someone from getting paid then to hell with it. I just rode a friend of mine's jet ski this past weekend and it had a 13 gallon tank and took $30 plus to fill up. What a damn shame...

Rob said...

That's it, Benjamin, blame the Bush administration. Blame Iraq, blame anyone other than yourself. The price of gasoline is going up because demand is outpacing supply. It's called economics. If you want to help, get off your gas guzzling jet-ski.

Benjamin M. said...

You know what Rob? I'll blame the Bush adminitration and anyone who voted for the entired outfit! The Jet Ski belongs to a friend of mine and let's not act as if YOU'RE not part of the problem. What do you drive? An SUV? Do you utilize public transportation? So, you think the demand of oil is out weighing supply because that's what the media has you believing. If you look at the war itself and the reasoning behind it per the media, then you know the whole situation is BS!

Rob said...

Benjamin, man... you have some serious hostility issues. First of all, this has nothing to do with the media. I don't know where you came up with that. It has to do with the simple fact that Americans demand more gasoline than our country is willing to buy. And if you think we're at war because of oil then you haven't done your homework. We get the majority of our oil from Canada, not the Middle East.

Johnny Carcinogen said...

You should blame the Bush Administration.
Sure, demand is outpacing supply. But that's also true with other things, such as natural gas and the use of energy itself. Information needs are far greater than they ever were. Food in some countries is outpacing supply.

Still, that is NOT an excuse for the inflationary price hikes done by all oil companies. One does get the suspicion of price fixing around the summer months, and since the Bush Administration has done little to nothing to lessen the cost to consumers and get an alternative renewable fuel source delivered to us within the next 5-10 years, one can deduct that the theory of demand outpacing supply is not the only thing going on here.

At some point, oil prices should have leveled off. But they haven't, and will continue to rise indefinitely.
The Bush Administration has multiple connections to oil companies (need I say Carlyle Group?) and prospers under the umbrella of American oil consumption.
So why would Bush hurt his campaign donors by lessening the demand or ending it completely? He wouldn't.

While we do get oil from Canada, we didn't invade Iraq just for Democracy's sake. The oil reserves there can fuel us long after Canada and Alaska go dry. And the oil companies listed under the Carlyle Group have already been given major no-bid(!) contracts for the oil in Iraq - under the Bush Administration.

North Korea and Iran were and still are more of a threat than Iraq ever was; yet we chose them.

If you're looking for someone to blame, blame capitalism, the economy, and the guy that stole the Presidency in 2000. Because he really doesn't care what you think; he just cares about himself.