Monday, March 12, 2007

Why is your restaurant empty?

This post has been permanantly moved to this address: Why is your restaurant empty?


Anonymous said...

So if you go to a movie and leave because you don't like the first 10 minutes, do you demand your money back?

Reem Abeidoh said...

I wouldn't ask for the money back simply because the movie has the potential to get better as the plot thickens and I chose not to watch it.

However, the flavor of the food is going to stay the same no matter how much time passes.

Anonymous said...

But my point is based on personal taste. You may think the movie sucks, while I think it's great. Just like you may think tuna steak tastes fishy, and I think it is wonderful. Should a restaurant or movie theatre have to please everyone on an individual basis or just put out a good product and please the majority?

Real Talk said...

The point Reem was making has little to do with her dissatisfaction with the entree, and everything to do with the service that was (or wasn't) provided.

Of course people are different and enjoy different tastes. But Anonymous, the point you brought up is exactly why the restaurant manager should've oblidged her. Why force someone to pay for something they didn't eat and can't enjoy?

BTW, I HAVE left a movie within the first 10 minutes, demanded AND RECEIVED my money back. The point is the same: If I don't consume it, why am I paying for it?

Serg said...

In my restaurant, when somebody THINKS that the food is not in good conditions, I don´t just take off the amount of the dish, but I replace it for any other dish for free.
I say "thinks" because I am sure I never serve food in bad conditions, but as Reem said, the point is to replace the bad experience with a good one, so the costumer comes back.
It is not a questíon of who is right, is a bussiness question.