Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Social shifts in the online world

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Anonymous said...

I don't think people will be into Myspace, Facebook, FaceSpace or anything else after a while. Things get old and we grow out of them. I remember when home internet access exploded. I was in chat rooms all the time because I thought it was so cool! But after a year or so of it, I was done with it.

I think it's the same with these networks. There's some initial allure, especially since you can connect with a lot more people. But unless you're seeing these people or engaging outside of cyberspace, that connection is probably superficial.

I've looked on Myspace. I created a page on Facebook after someone reached out to me and I was required to in order to see their information. After I found some friends from school and got past the "Oh wow! How are you doing??!!" part, I was done.

Maybe I'm the one person on the planet who thinks so, but I see this fading unless there's some kind of evolution at play.

Anonymous said...

Facebook allows you to expand your social network and keep in touch with friends and family all over the world. Lets not forget that it is a lot cheaper than calling. All social contacts need nurturing and time, so if you are not willing to make an effort to keep your friends updated or to continue the small talk after the intitial "Oh wow! How are you doing??!!" part, then you were probably the chater in the chat room waiting for other people to contact them. Social networks are two way streets.
For people who spend their days working in an office, facebook or myspace is far from fading, its growing day to day.