Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Cost of War

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Anonymous said...

It is so distressing to see the United States so silent towards the Israeli atrocities in Lebanon and Palestine. Many people in the Muslim world of more than 1.3 billion are seeing some connivance. This display of blind support of Israel is inflaming some individuals in Arab and Muslim countries and creating extremists driven by hostility to the United States and Israel. Sane heads in Washington need to start asking questions about Israel's targeting of civilians and their infrastructure. But above all, they need to work at the root causes of all troubles in the Holy Lands -- the lack of a viable homeland for the Palestinians.

Serg said...

Israel´s response to the capture of the two soldiers is shameful, outraging and completely out of proportions. THey probably think that having the US´s support is a blank check to do what ever they want in the area.

Just so everybody sees how senseless is this attack, allow me to compare this situation to another hipothetical situation:
I am from Spain, and here we have the terrorist band ETA. The live among us but we certainly dont support them. Imagine that ETA kidnapps two french soldiers, and in response, France launchs a full scale attack against Spain. No country in the world would allow that to happen. THe UNO, European Comunity, G8, and every one in the world would condemn and try to stop such an action.

So, why is Israel allowed to do as they please? I will tell you why. Because we are sitting in our sofas watching the bombs fall with a beer in one hand and a the remote in the other to switch channel as soon as we dont want to see more devastation. Politicians dont feel that they have any pressure from the voters on how they act in the middle east. People just don care much. Not enough to change their vote in any case, and they know it.

And as in so many other issues I find myself along with the other four people who protest and try to change something, surrounded by millions asking surprised, "Why are you so angry about that? It´s happening in the other side of the world".

To that question, souless and cruel question I can only answer one thing. Justice is justice all around the world, and we must demand it. And for those shelfish hearts around, just think for a second that the political equilibrium of the world is not as solid as we think, and in 30, 35 or 40 years, it could be you and your sons who are under unjustified bombing.

I got a little carried away, but that is me.