Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Privacy: Is it Necessary?

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Serg said...

I do not agree with the "let'em listen" attitude.
Although a praiseworthy way of thinking, in my opinion, it lacks long term vision.
The danger inherent in legalizing the government's spying (although you have avoided the use of that word, I think it's essential to assume that spying is what we are talking about)is, as you mentioned it, they use they will give to that information.
Maybe at first, the right to spy on the citizens will be assumed in a risponsible manner, but it is extremely easy to predict that it will end in a missuse. We leave in the era of information, when information itself is more valuable than the object of the information. Just think of how much harm can it cause to todays politics, mainly based in pointing out the "evil" actions of the opponent. Or what will happen when companies start to get access to that iformation (don't doubt they will)and they decide to hire you or not, to fire you or not, based on the conversation you has last night with your mate, when you told him how big of an asshole your boss is.

It may look at first, that sacrificing or privacy will help us, but in the long run, it will harm more than help. And anyway, spying is not the way to end terrorism. but that is another story.

Just one las thing. Besides the use or missuse of the right to spy, there is also the moral question. Was not I borned with the right to my own unviolable space? Is it really selfish to not want to give up my rigth to express myself freely? Try to express yourselves freely through phone or email after a decade of experience in spying the citizens.

Doesn't anybody else feel like we are going backwards? In no time we will have the SS back, and we wont notice because we already have a couple of good Goebbels.

Reem Abeidoh said...

Of course spying is involved. My post was about people's comfort level with others spying on their daily activities. Although I have nothing to hide, I still feel like spying robs me of my right to privacy.

You also noted how spying regresses us to when Hitler was in power. However, Sergio, civilians have always been spied on. Other than the technology used to monitor exchanges between people, nothing much has changed.

Serg said...
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Serg said...

The difference is that before, at least, they had to hide from us to do it. We all agreed that it was illegal and shameful. Now they expect us to thank them for spying on us! A humongous step forward (or backward?) in my opinion.