Thursday, August 03, 2006

No Backlash for Anti-Arab Comments?

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Samer Abbas said...

I definitely agree with your blog. First of Mel Gibson was drunk. And since when drunk drivers are taken credible for what they say while being stopped by the police. And why a drunk person will tell a cop that “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world” unless he was provoked. Honestly that last thing I want to talk about when a police pull me over is politics, for the simple reason that I do not enjoy political debates while being pulled over by the police. What is really wired about Mel Gibson story is that his comments or blurbs should have not been disclosed to the public. And since when the police keeps record of what every drunken driver say?? The whole story seems to me as a pay back to Mel Gibson for his movie “Passion of the Christ” that stirred lots of sour feelings among the Jewish community (whom considered the movie to contain some anti Semitic notations). And the whole thing is an attack on Mel Gibson Image credibility. If we are going to persecute every Hollywood actor for saying stupid stuff while being drunk or high, there will be no more movies to watch. Personally I do not see “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world” comment as anti Semitic or it attack the Semitisms in any way. It is just an opinion. I hear People say that the “The Arabs are responsible for all the terrorism in the world” and I do not find it offensive because it is just an opinion and this is a free country the last time I checked. And again if we have to be politically correct at all times, even when we are drunk and being chased and stopped by the police, living will be much harder that it supposed to be and still we will always offend someone somewhere without knowing it. In conclusion, this case has been blown out of proportions. It is just a drunken fool who said something stupid. Let’s get over it :).

Johnny Carcinogen said...

Mel Gibson is a great actor, but a real idiot and a wonderful example of a bigot.

Trust me, this goes way beyond drinking.

Mel Gibson is just another religious fanatic who decided that it was time to tell the world that they were going to hell for not following what he believed was the way, the truth and the life.

Anyone who is truly devoted and feels their faith won't have to do this to anyone else.

Look at the Republican party's us of the phrase "tar baby". It's gotten out of control. I'm doing a feature on it next week.

Serg said...

You have abbandonned us. We keep coming back day after day, and we don´t see news from our beloved Reem.

Busy these days?