Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Divided reaction to Saddam’s Verdict

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Serg said...

"With Saddam Hussein’s death verdict and a new American senate in place, will Iraqis eventually unite and put their religious and nationalistic affiliations aside?"

Not in a few years, I reckon. People who have no job, no culture, no chances, live in continuous danger, don´t have economic aims other than havin enough for surviving, have no any other bond with their society than religion and nationalism.

As theiy stand at the moment, is their only way to fullfill human´s need of belonging to the group, to the society, to be a part of something greater, as social animals that we are. They have nothing more to hold themselves to than their religious and ethnic bonds.

In my opinion, to avoid disaster, ist could be better to allow them to separate themselves, as long as democracy is stablished in each state. After democracy, and with the aid that the western world "owes" Irak, capitalism will follow, and after capitalism, the need to be part of a bigger market. Interest will unite and most probaly they will end up together again.

Anyways I agree that the first step is to try to keep the together from the beggining, but I a convinced defender of self-determination.

Well, this is a simple opinion, of a complex problem, from an ignorant man.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Serg, good thoughts and ideas.

The problem with 3rd world countries normally results in economics. The HAVE NOT's are the huge majority. Democracy in Iraq is a cavalier idea but will take a long time in the making. This is a very rich country with huge resources for the world that are not shared with the citizens of Iraq. Until a true democracy allows more profits to be shared by the citizens the problems will continue because the deep rooted religous beliefs are the only backbone that the 3 factions know.

I am a deep rooted Republican that is very upset with George Bush and his religous right standpoint. Sensationalism and Headlines are the only thing Bush was attempting to garner for the Repulican party before the election by announcing Saddam's sentence. Saddam's crimes against the people of Iraq and other religons and countries sealed his death penalty fate in 1982 and to use this time for the Republican party????? I am ashamed of my party.

But that was a little off the topic. Iraq needs to use their vast resources of oil and wealth to rebuild. Starting with putting people to work. They need to rebuild cultural facilities and embrace their diverse religous factions to unify and become a stonger nation. Attempting to elimate poverty and come out from under the heel of oppression is key to the revival of once beatufil Iraq.