Tuesday, November 21, 2006

O.J. Simpson continues his trend of attracting negative headlines

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Anonymous said...

Shock TV is becoming more and more accepted these days. While the initial reaction to supporting an OJ special would have been bad for FOX, FOX would have won in the long run. Shows like celebrity boxing, jackass, even some of the animated stuff shown along with realty TV has shown that the public can and will tolerate something different for "family entertainment." Especially since they are lagging in the ratings this year.

While I am NO fan of OJ and that whole situation (I feel he is guilty) I most likely would have watched the program. My dislike and questions about "what really happened" would have piqued my curiousity, almost forcing me to watch. Talking about the program at work and socially would have been common place. While I cannot support a murderer (not proven) and would have cringed at making any guesture for OJ and his plight, I would have had to watch the program.

The moral majority really rips us off from seeing things like this. Its like most of America when they see a car crash, they have to slow down and look. They want to see blood, guts and pain not caring about slowing traffic or their personal safety. Nightline (maybe a different program) is another example showing the guys that are attempting to prey on underage women via the internet. These men are sick and need to either be jailed or helped, but the exploit these men and show their problems to the world almost making fun of them all for ratings.

There is merit in showing that kind of story line if it is helpful and informative to parents but not to make a "Jerry Springer" type show.

The networks will get away with anything they can. If they are not checked on issues like OJ and others they will continue to exploit and promote the sicker side of humanity. Remember it is a TV and it has many channels, you dont have to watch.

Johnny Carcinogen said...

Honestly. this is NOT something that one would want to do if they were freed of CRIMINAL charges.

"Well, if I did it, this is how it would have happened..."

It's really degrading of our own country when a television corporation even THINKS about producing this.

Oh, wait, that TV corp. is run my Rupert Murdoch, a man with no values - my mistake; of COURSE he would've thought about this!