Friday, December 08, 2006

Dispute in Houston suburb highlights cultural bigotry in the US

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Real Talk said...

The "melting pot" idea has long been recognized as a facade. People fiercely defend their own cultures and backgrounds. So much so, that they are willing to tread on the rights and beliefs of others for the sake of keeping their own in the fore.

While the Bush Administration has certainly not helped in terms of embracing Arab culture, it cannot be blamed for America's current disdain for the Arab people. As you may well know, Arabs have always been villianized in Western media. 9-11 didn't introduce something new; it reinforced already present attitudes.

I also read the article you mentioned, and I recall that there was one citizen of Katy, TX who apologized on behalf of his community for their ignorance. This was just one person, but as long as there are those of us who can recognize ignorance for what it is and reach out to others, there is a small glimmer of hope.

Serg said...

You might be interested in checking these links, related to the matter:

There is not much to be added to what's been said already, except that arabs have not been villianized in western media. They have been villianized in the US media. If any news corporation in Spain, and for what I know in France, Germany and some other coutries, if the media talked bad about arabs or any other ethnic group openly, they would get crucified. That doesn't mean that there aren't anti-arab feelings around here, there are, but not as strong and definately not supported by the government or the media. Its the "natural" ethnic misstrust.

We'll have to wait till one of two thing arrive first:

-Either after some generations the races discover (really discover, not what happens today) how alike we all are.
-Or, my personal favourite, we have to hurry to procreate with everyone we can, to get one unique race as fast as we can.

Serg said...

Ok, let me try again. These are the links:

Youll have to copy and paste, I cant get it to become a link.

Johnny Carcinogen said...

This is just the beginning, although I did also find some other cities across the nation trying to "ban homelessness."
What has been done is either the city establishes panhandling zones, or they ban groups from giving food to homeless persons altogether.
In one city, if you set up food for the homeless (as in a buffet), you can be arrested for violating the law.
It's so strict that even one person giving a piece of bread to a homeless person can be arrested.

Hypocrisy in action.

Anonymous said...

The reality of this situation is displayed in many different ways across this country and the world. Historically, this country has a feel of protecting their own. This dates back to the revolutionary war all the way to the dispute with Iraq and Afghanistan today.

Fear is a big part of this unrest. These people fear what they dont understand. The Arab religon and culture is something that most god-fearing christians have not been introduced to.

I am not saying ignorance is OK, we all know its not but you have to look at the source. More progressive towns in the US would not have problems with a Mosque being built but this is Texas (home of the Busch's) and the population in most portions of Texas are white anglo-saxon Christians.

Remember history books and the problems that Asians experienced in WWII and again in the Korean War and Vietnam. Germans were obstracized during periods of WW 1 and WWII. Unfortunately we are at war with countries of Arab descent and this reluctance to accept their culture and religon will be apparent in different communities around the United States.

Those that say the US media victimize the Arabs are really dead wrong. The US media victimizes all crimes, hatred, persecution, violence and racism. It is sensationalism at its extreme. If you are a rapist or kidnapper you will be painted in the same light in the same newspaper in the same television broadcast as other "threats" to the US way of life.