Friday, January 12, 2007

“Axis of Evil” Expanding?

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Anonymous said...

Is there ever a middle ground to war? While we can sit here all day and argue the pros and cons of America being involved in these conflicts, who is right and who is wrong?

I believe that America HAS to protect herself. The US is the most powerful nation on the planet therefore making herself a prime target to non-believers of the American lifestyle. No one in this country wants another Vietnam but what is the middle ground? Let terrorists countinue attacking Americans abroad and in our own country? Absolutely NOT.

I honestly believe that if we lose one American life in these conflicts that we are committed 100% to win at all costs. If I remember correctly these terrorists flew planes into buildings on American soil killing well over 2,000 innocent Americans. Therefore what President Bush is doing now can be criticized but it is not wrong.

The fault that he has made is he should have sent over these additional 20,000 troops months ago. We cannot be at risk in these countries. We need to protect our rights and unfortunately that calls for us going after Saddam, Hizboolah, Al-Quida and other terrorists organizations.

Not a pretty world we live in but if these terrorists are not checked and continue to do what they are doing, it could be a pretty unhappy life for all of us. No other nation (Israel aside and maybe England) will stand up to this aggression. Unfortunately being the biggest kid on the block puts a target on your chest and makes you responsible for helping out other countries in their time of need .

Serg said...
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